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Details: MARIMER baby nasal aspirator- 1 - nasal applicator / 2- cotton * / 3 - reservoir / 4 - tube adapter / 5 - tube / 6 - buccal applicator * Not included. Why is it important to use a nasal aspirator for babies? In the first year of life, babies breathe only on the nose and do not master the technique of blowing the nose. The mucus that blocks the baby's nose makes it difficult for her to breathe. By suction, you will help the baby eliminate these mucus. Whether it is sleeping or breastfeeding, the baby will appreciate the comfort of a light breath. Before using the nasal aspirator for the first time. Disassemble the nasal aspirator and clean it with warm soapy water, then rinse with cold water. Sterilize cold or steam the applicators you will use. Instructions for use Preparation of the nasal aspirator 1.-Wash your hands. 2.-Assemble the Marimer baby nasal aspirator according to the diagram. 3.-Insert a little cotton wool, as a filter, between the nasal applicator and the reservoir. Preparing the baby 1.-Place the baby on the table and lift his head. 2.- Insert the buccal applicator into your mouth. The edge allows you to hold the piece between your teeth. 3.- Insert the nasal applicator into one of the baby's nostrils. 4.-Inhale easily. The secretions will be collected in the reservoir. 5.-Repeat the aspiration as many times as needed. 6.-Repeat the operation for the other nostril. The instillation of physiological serum or isotonic diluted seawater solution in each nostril facilitates the secretion aspiration. Maintenance instructions - After each use, carefully disassemble and clean the nasal vacuum cleaner with soap and hot water, then rinse with water. Before each use, for the best hygiene, sterilize with cold or steam the applicators that you will use.

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