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  • Spectrum Action Black Ants Formica Formica faraone Formica Argentina Ghost Formica

Details: Maxforce Quantum is the professional gel liquid insecticide against the most important species of ants (e.g. Formica Argentina and Formica Pharaoh). Swift and visible effects and action that leads to complete elimination of the nest. Features: Highly attractive and attractive For The Ants acts immediately and is also active in the nest colourless, clear, odourless, not dirty, not dry High Yield: 150 points lure 30 grams each cartridge broad spectrum action HACCP certified method of use: Mount the laser on a Maxforce Bait Gun or other compatible applicators. Apply in drops at the paths of, or in proximity of the opening of the ants nest. Monitor the progress of the infestation, if necessary repeat the treatment. Strengths: A Drop Of Maxforce Quantum (Diameter 5 mm) is equal to 0.2 g of product. Apply 1 – 2 drops per linear metre. To treat the formicai with maximum 2 G of product close to the nest. Warnings: Read Carefully the instructions before use and the mode of use. Regularly monitor the presence of Maxforce Quantum and reset the player when exhausted. Maxforce Quantum should not be located in areas subject to frequent washes and in treated areas recently with traditional insecticides (spray, dust, etc...). Do not apply other insecticides on treated areas with Maxforce Quantum. Place the bait in places inaccessible to children and pets. Do not contaminate surfaces that may come into contact with food. After the disinfection Remove the gel residue from points bait. Keep away from frost. Maxforce Quantum can be removed from the treated surface with a water soaked sponge.

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