Inofolic 20 Sachets - Increases Egg Quality

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  • Inofolic 20 Sachets - Increases Egg Quality

Details: Myo-inositol is the fundamental constituent of cell membranes and is a component of compounds (second messengers) essential to the signaling of different molecules such as insulin. Furthermore, it has been noted that the content of myo-inositol in follicular fluid (the fluid that surrounds the oocyte before ovulation) is critical for proper oocyte development. In fact, the presence of high levels of inositol in the follicular fluid is a marker of good oocyte quality. Folic acid is essential for cell division and proliferation and its contribution is very important for women seeking pregnancy. Furthermore, it helps to reduce homocysteine levels that are elevated in some women, and are a marker of cardiovascular risk. The components of Inofolic Myo-inositol: among the richest vegetable sources of myo-inositol have to be included: citrus fruits, whole grains, nuts (peanuts), seeds (wheat germ), legumes (beans) and yeast. Fresh fruits andvegetables contain more myo-inositol than frozen, canned or pickled products. Folic Acid: it is present in leafy green vegetables, liver, eggs and vegetables, while the contentis low in fruits (except oranges), meat and milk. Cooking food destroys almost the entire rate offolate (90%) in few minutes. Composition Inositol - 2000 mg Folic Acid - 200 mcg Use 1 sachet daily

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