FOVAL CE Insecticide Mosquito Tiger Ticks Flies 1 L

FOVAL CE Insecticide Mosquito Tiger Ticks Flies 1 L - Pet Shop Luna

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  • FOVAL CE Adama Kollant insecticide against mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, ticks and flies

Details: FOVAL CE insecticide disinfection against mosquitoes in the vegetation Liquid insecticide flying insects and crawling insecticide with flying insect action : fly mosquitoes mosquitoes mosquito mosquito tiger cimics etc. crawling insects: Ants scarfing chickens ticks are produced on the outer beds when they are blown off. The product is indicated for the disinfection of: community hotels schools warehouses food industry warehouses industrial equipment Particularly suitable for combating mosquitoes in the vegetation: carpets herbs hedges trees bushes It is used with excellent results also against flies in: rural environments stables farms FOVAL CE Adama Kolcilant bushes trees (1g/l) composed of: 8 g ameg/sql. A: 100g Ean: 8002297200523 Dose for flying insects: 1-2% (10-20ml in 1 litre of water) After diluting it in water it should be sprayed using manual sprayers or mechanical sprayers. Dose for crawling insects: 2-4% (20-40 ml in 1 l of water). We recommend applying one litre of solution every 10 m2 of surface.

EAN: 8002297200516

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