Tick removal hook - set of 2 pcs. - O''Tom Tick Twister

Tick removal hook - set of 2 pcs. - O''Tom Tick Twister


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Why should the O'Tom Tick Twister be used to remove ticks?

- Remove the tick quickly, easily, safely, not covering the tick's body. The tick is taken out alive !!

- Allows ticks to be removed from both animals and humans.

- Endlessly usable tool.

- The silicone handle allows a better grip during extraction.

The head of the tick (the rostrum) is full of tiny spikes, which allow the tick to remain embedded in the skin. By trying to pull the tick by pulling, the spines dig deeper into the skin. Thus, pulling the tick can lead to the rupture of the rostrum, which remains partially or totally under the skin, which can cause inflammation or infection.

By rotation, the spikes fold and the tick is removed easily, without pulling, reducing the risk of breaking the tick's head.

When removing the tick, do not press on the abdomen, thus avoiding the risk of regurgitation of saliva. The tick's saliva contains irritants and sometimes microorganisms that can cause infections and/or allergies.

Using other tools (e.g. tweezers) you will exert pressure on the tick during removal.


1. Choose the right crochet according to the size of the tick.

2. Approach the tick from the side.

3. Gently lift the crochet hook, then twist. The tick will come off on its own after 2 or 3 twists.