RX MegaFlex 600 tablets nutritional supplement for dogs / per cani

RX MegaFlex 600 tablets nutritional supplement for dogs / per cani - Pet Shop Luna

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Rx MegaFlex 600 tablets is a natural nutritional supplement to prevent arthritis and speed up the healing of post-operative joint structures (especially in large dogs), and in case of hip or shoulder dysplasia, or in patellar dislocations, to slow permanent arthritic changes .

Pharmaceutical action:

chondro-protection (glucosamine-glycans for joint repair and maintenance)
anti-inflammatory (nutritional and botanical support to reduce pain and inflammation)
nutritional support
Rx MegaFlex is indicated in:

arthritis, especially in large dogs.
to prevent arthritis, before and after orthopedic surgery.
to speed up the healing of joint structures, postoperatively.
in dogs diagnosed with hip or shoulder dysplasia, as well as those with patellar dislocation, to slow the development of permanent arthritic changes.
in breeds with a high incidence of congenital joint diseases, such as hip dysplasia. It is recommended that this formula be administered as early as possible during the growing period (from 8 weeks), with daily maintenance doses, to provide nutritional support for the normal development of bone structure.
in sports and hunting dogs, as well as other athletic dog breeds.
Important: Rx MegaFlex falls into the pharmacy category. Consult your veterinarian for diagnosis, prescription medication or diet according to the specific needs of your dog (cat).