IDC Power Harness with Side Rings Woodland

IDC Power Harness with Side Rings Woodland - Pet Shop Luna

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  • Julius K9 power harness with side rings
  • Ideal Zug Geschirr
  • Reflective elements
  • Handle
  • Great to wear for your dog

Innova Dog Comfort (IDC) harness with side rings
Top brand quality from original Julius K9
Innovative, sporty appearance dynamic design
Ergonomic perfection with Größenaffiner line adjustment
Breathable, skin-friendly inner lining
Toughened fixing buckle for safety and comfort
Light-reflecting chest strap and trim
Druckgeprüfte safety belts give full protection
Höchstsichere handle attached using innovative push button security
Side pockets attachment
Community Product
In German
Austrian Green
Material Supplier
In Zusammenarbeit
Powered by EU Small
Tested by top dog trainers
Instead of the font side rings are attached device, meaning that the Julius K9 IDC Harness is great for pulling, you can secure the Keep your dog safe in the car, or side pockets cannot be installed easily. With handle at the back which allows the dog easy to hold or lift. Please note in the freely-adjustable Dog Please always handle closing.

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Item Condition: New