Aurizon ear drops for dogs 10ml / gocce auricolari per cani

Aurizon ear drops for dogs 10ml / gocce auricolari per cani - Pet Shop Luna


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Indications: In dogs: Treatment of external otitis, bacteriological or fungal origin – that is caused by bacteria sensitive to marbofloxacină and Fungi susceptible to clotrimazole, especially Malassezia Pachydermatis. The product should be used on the basis of sensitivity tests. Contraindications: Do not administer to dogs with perforated tympanic membrane. Do not administer to dogs with known hypersensitivity to any of the Ingredients. Do not administer to pregnant or lactating females. Side effects: Adverse reactions may occur commonly associated with corticosteroid medicines (changes in biochemical and haematological parameters, such as increased alkaline phosphatase and aminotransferase, Neutrophilia). Prolonged and intensive use of topical preparations Corticosteroids usually attract local and systemic effects, including suppression of adrenal gland function, thickening of the epidermis and delay in wound healing. In rare cases, the use of the present medicinal product resulted in a decrease in hearing acuity, especially in dogs Elderly, and most of the time transient. Special precautions for use in animals The prolonged use of a single class of antibiotics can induce resistance to a bacterial population. It is recommended to use Fluoroquinolones in the treatment of clinical conditions that have responded poorly or expected to respond poorly to other classes of Antibiotics. The external ear canal must be carefully cleaned and dried before treatment. Before using the product as a treatment, the integrity of the tympanic membrane must be verified. Avoid any contamination during use. Administration during pregnancy and lactation: See the Contraindications. Interactions with other medicinal products or other forms of interaction: They don't know each other. Doses for each species, route and administration mode: Shake well before use. Apply 10 drops in the ear once a day between 7 and 14 days. After the first 7 days of treatment, the veterinarian should assess the need to extend the treatment for another week. One drop of the preparation contains 71 μg marbofloxacin, 237 μg clotrimazole and 23.7 μg dexamethasone acetate. After application, the ear base can be easily massaged to allow the preparation to penetrate the lower part of the external conductor. If the same vial is used in several dogs at a time, it is recommended to use different cannula.