Universal nail scissors

Universal nail scissors

Pet Shop Luna

€ 19.99 

Nail scissors for large and medium dogs made of stainless steel, with plastic handle, original quality, Made in Italy.

- Nail trimming is necessary for dogs that live indoors and less so for those that live in the yard, because they dull naturally.

- Ideally, the animal should be used to this manoeuvre from an early age.

- Nail trimming must be done very carefully and in a correct way (you can ask your veterinarian for advice).

- Use only scissors specially designed for animals!

- Lift the paw slowly, without roughing it and gently press on it, taking out one claw one by one.

- Cut gradually, from close to close to the pink area.

- Be careful not to cut from this area because it is vascularized and you can cause pain.

  • If the nails are dark in color, you must cut very small parts to make sure that you do not touch the nerves or vascular area.
  • Dimensions: cm 16.5