VMP Tabs 50 tablets is a palatable nutritional supplement for dogs and cats / per cani e gatti

VMP Tabs 50 tablets is a palatable nutritional supplement for dogs and cats / per cani e gatti - Pet Shop Luna SALE

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VMP tablets are a daily nutritional supplement for dogs and cats, during pregnancy and lactation, in convalescence, in fast-growing young animals.

It is recommended for hunting and competition dogs and for animals under prolonged stress

Advantages of VMP tablets:

VMP tablets are a comprehensive and highly palatable supplement of vitamins and minerals. It is formulated as an adjunct to the basic diet of dogs. VMP tablets contain sufficient amounts of the most important vitamins, minerals and proteins (easily digestible albumin) in a combination recognized by nutritionists. The high physiological value of the active substances in these vitamins is one of the main advantages of the combination.
Vitamin A - is necessary for growth, healthy skin and to increase resistance to infections.
B vitamin complex - for growth, appetite and proper digestion.
Vitamin D3 - especially important for animals that spend a long time in the apartment and do not benefit from the direct action of sunlight; for the development of bones and teeth.
Vitamin E - especially for vitality in the case of competition or hunting dogs and for good fertility in bitches. VMP promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins and increases the use of oxygen by tissues.
Biotin - is essential for healthy skin and hair. It plays an important role in protein and energy metabolism, intervening in the release of stored energy.
Calcium and phosphorus - for healthy teeth and bones.
Iron - intervenes in the process of oxygenation of red blood cells.
Zinc - intervenes in the general metabolism of the body and that of insulin. Prevents premature keratinization of the skin and stimulates hair growth.
Lecithin - stimulates all metabolic functions in the brain and nerves. In stressful situations it is taken up directly by the brain as a source of energy, preventing loss of performance.
Doses and method of administration:

Cats: 0.5 - 1 VMP tablet per day
Puppies: 0.5 - 1 VMP tablet per day
Small dogs: 1 VMP tablet per day
Medium size dogs: 2-3 VMP tablets per day
Large dogs: 4 VMP tablets per day.

protein: 30%
fat: 5%
minerals: 28%
fiber: 1%
Analytical values:

700,000 IU vitamin A
10,000 IU vitamin D3
2,300 mg vitamin E
500 mg vitamin B1
500 mg vitamin B2
250 mg vitamin B6
2,500 mg nicotinic acid
250 mg folic acid
12,000 mcg of biotin
25 mg folic acid
6,100 mg iron
1,000 mg of Mn oxide
45 mg Cu oxide
7 mg sodium selenite
2,100 mg zinc
5.4% calcium
4.2% phosphorus
1.8% magnesium
VMP tablets are packed in a box of 50 tablets