RECEPTAL 10 ML for pigs, horses, cattle, rabbits

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Injectable synthetic gonadelin (Gn-Rh).
The recipe is in the form of a vial containing a clear, transparent solution for injection.

1 ml contains 0.0042 buserelin acetate and 10 mg benzyl alcohol.

Fertility disorders of ovarian origin, improving the fertility rate in cows, mares and rabbits.
Treatment of follicular cysts: cyst enucleation is not necessary. 8 days after administration, the cysts respond to treatment. The cysts reach dehiscence, or continue to luteinize until they turn into a yellow body, the success of the treatment being found after 10-14 days. After 20 days of treatment, the animals return to estrus and can be artificially inseminated or mounted. To improve fertility, an additional treatment with 2.5 ml Receptal is recommended.
Anestrus, without the manifestation of cycles: after 10-12 days from the treatment, a control regarding the appearance of estrus will be performed. The treatment is repeated if the functionality of the ovary is not found. It is not recommended if a yellow body is detected without the manifestation of external signs of estrus.
Delayed ovarian dehiscence and follicular atresia: can be treated at the time of artificial insemination / mounting or 6 hours before. Ovulation will start in the next 24 hours.
Improving the fertilization rate: administration at the time of sowing or 6 hours before.
Prophylaxis of fertility disorders: if administered between the 10th and 14th day postpartum, after less than 24 hours ovulation will begin. The treatment leads to the resumption of the physiological estrous cycle and reduces the incidence of cystic ovaries.
Treatment of follicular cysts: one treatment is enough. If after 10-14 days no favorable response is found to be manifested by the involution of the cysts and by the remission of the state of prolonged or permanent estrus, the treatment is repeated.
Induction of ovulation: it is administered on the 2nd or 3rd day of estrus to mares with a short heat cycle and on the 7th or 8th day of estrus to those with a long cycle. Ovulation will occur 24-36 hours after treatment.
Improving the conception rate: at the time of mounting or artificial sowing.
Improving postpartum fertility: immediately after 24 hours after childbirth.

Mode of action
Buserelin acetate is a releasing hormone identical to the natural gonadotropin-releasing hormone. Therefore, Receptal® exerts an action identical to that of endogenous Gn-Rh: GnRH controls the production and secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. The administration of Receptal® in a short time determines the simultaneous release of LH and FSH. Both LH and FSH have a direct effect on the ovary. FSH stimulates follicular development and LH induces ovulation and luteinization.

Administration and dosage:
Induction of ovulation in cows with a dominant follicle 0.01 mg Buserelin (2.5 ml Receptal)
Oestrus synchronization and ovulation induction if used as follows: administration of buserelin (Day 0), followed by treatment with PGF2alpha after 7 days (Day 7) and another treatment with buserelin after 9 days (Day 9) 0.01mg Buserelin (2, 5 ml Receptal)
Treatment of follicular ovarian cysts 0.02mg Buserelin (5 ml Receptal)
Induction of ovulation in mares in estrus, if administered repeatedly at 12-hour intervals 0.02-0.04mg Buserelin (5-10 ml Receptal)
Improvement of the gestation rate if administered 8-12 days after natural mounting / artificial insemination 0.02-0.04 mg Buserelin (5-10 ml Receptal)
Induction of ovulation for postpartum insemination and improvement of conception rate 0.0008 mg Buserelin (0.2 ml Receptal).

It is not used in animals with known hypersensitivity to the active substance.

Special warnings
GnRH analog treatment is only symptomatic; the underlying causes of a fertility disorder are not eliminated with this treatment.