Nutrivet Wild Salmon Oil for dogs / olio di salmone per cani

Nutrivet Wild Salmon Oil for dogs / olio di salmone per cani - Pet Shop Luna


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Wild salmon oil, container with dispenser

Description: Wild Salmon Oil comes exclusively from natural sources and does not contain dyes or food additives. Obtained from the processing of wild salmon, wild salmon oil does not contain any of the substances used to grow farm salmon: pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals, antibiotics, dyes, etc. The fatty acids in salmon oil (Omega 3 EPA and DHA) are metabolized directly by the body unlike those in plants (Omega 3 ALA) which require a previous conversion, thus losing up to 95% of the metabolized fatty acids. Hence the clearly superior quality of Omega3 fatty acids from animal sources compared to those from plants. Presentation: Wild Salmon Oil 1 L is packed in containers with dispenser (volume 1 liter), which prevents the oxidation of the oil by lack of contact with air. Composition: 100% Wild Salmon OilThe product contains essential fatty acids - Omega 3 = 30% (DHA 11.9%, EPA 9.8%), and Omega 6 = 7% and antioxidants - vitamin E = 1000 ppm Action: Omega 3 is essential for the body's health, reducing cardiovascular risks and having beneficial effects on health (joint problems, immune system stimulation, dermatological problems / hair loss, tone). According to specialized studies, fish oil - unlike plant oil - reduces heart problems, is useful in treating arrhythmias and can prevent heart ischemia (a common cause of death in older dogs, but not only). A diet rich in Omega 3 and 6 in a balanced proportion combats kidney problems and reduces their spontaneous appearance.The natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids increases the activity of red blood cells by strengthening the immune system and contributing to the harmonious development of the chicks.After 6-8 weeks of application, Wild Salmon Oil 1 L significantly reduces atopic dermatitis and its manifestations (irritation, pruritus, local inflammation, dehydration / flaking) and obviously improves the quality of the fur and the condition of the skin. Also, a diet enriched with Omega 3 and 6 improves the general tone in dogs of all ages and increases visual and auditory acuity in dogs of the 3rd age.   Wild Salmon Oil 1 L is used for:- Skin: Eczema and irritation, dermatitis, seborrhea, dehydration- Fur: Matte, rare, lacking in shine; Excessive talk- Strengthening the immune system and post-operative recovery- Heart problems, including their prevention (reduces cardiovascular risks)- Joint problems and suffering (Arthritis, Rheumatism, etc.)- Anti-inflammatory effect- Slows down the long-term evolution of chronic kidney problems and improves the hemodynamics of the renal system- Optimizes the functioning of the brain and nervous system- Inappetent- Increased vitality in old or apathetic dogs- Improving the overall tone- Harmonious development of young puppies and puppies- Pregnant / lactating women. Contraindications: No contraindications are known Side effects: Not reported. Dosage: 1 and 1/2 press for 5 kg body weight (1 press = 2 ml), mixed with wet or dry pet food Shelf life: 18 months from the date of manufacture Presentation: 1 liter container, with dispenser which prevents the oxidation of the oil due to the lack of contact with the air. Storage: At temperatures below 20 ° C, protected from sunlight. Wild L Salmon Oil 1 L does not require refrigeration during use Processed in France - Nutrivet