Maxforce Quantum Ant Angel

Maxforce Quantum Ant Angel - Pet Shop Luna

Franz Schädler GmbH

€ 45.00 

Maxforce Quantum Ant Gel 30g

Also available as a set of 3 empty boxes

Maxforce Quantum is very attractive to ants and has an effective duration of over three months. The ants absorb the product and pass it into their nest. This destroys the whole colony.

Ideal for use in private homes, restaurants, grocery shops, schools, warehouses, hotels and even in hospitals and nursing homes.

Dosage: small drop-shaped amount (diameter 0.5 cm) are placed directly on ant roads, nest entrances and other places with high ant activity.

Maxforce Quantum works against the following carbohydrate and protein-loving ants:
Black Grey Path Ants, Blackhead Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Horse Seeds, Yellow Meadow Ants, Argentinian Ants.

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