Cyper-Vet Cypermethrin 10% for cattle, sheep, goats and dogs

Cyper-Vet Cypermethrin 10% for cattle, sheep, goats and dogs - Pet Shop Luna


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  • Active substances: Cypermethrin
  • Emulsifiable concentrate to combat ectoparasitosis caused by scabies mites, ticks and insects
  • Target species: cattle, sheep and dogs
  • Administration: external
  • Package: 100 ml, 1 l



100 ml of emulsifiable concentrate contain:

Cypermethrin …….….…………………………………..… 10 g

Excipient…..………………………………………. 100 ml

Excipient: Isopropylic alcohol, Propylene glycol, Alkyl benzene sulfonate, Triethanolamine.



The product contains cypermethrin as active substance, a synthetic pyrethroid, effective against ectoparasites, both by contact and by ingestion. The small concentrations of working solution and the low toxicity of cypermethrin for the operator, animal and environment make Cyper-Vet an organic product Cypermethrin is an active substance, from the synthetic pyrethroid class, non-systemic insecticides with wide acaricide and insecticide action against ectoparasites by contact. Pyrethroid esters are neurotoxic and cause hyperexcitation and then paralysis (”knock-down” effect). The acaricide effect appears due to lipofile properties of cypermethrin. The product is lethal also for insects’ larvae. The external parasitic action is very intense, this product having also a good remanence. Respecting the correct prescribed concentration values, cypermethrin is well tolerated by dogs.

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Cattle, sheep and dogs.



Cyper -VET is recommended to:

- Cattle: to treat scabies caused by Sarcoptes spp.

- Sheep: the trataentul scabies products Psoroptes spp.

- Dogs: ectoparazitosis products to combat mites ( Psoroptes spp , Sarcoptes spp , Chorioptes spp ) has demodectic mange and lice treatment of ticks and fleas



Use the solution obtained by diluting the emulsifiable concentrate CYPER VET in water, on the day of the application. Treatment is performed by general sprayings, baths or local treatments:


- Scabies and other ectoparasites: spraying on the entire body with a solution prepared by diluting 1 l of CYPER-VET in 1000 l of water (100 ppm cypermethrin);

- Scabies: local treatment with a solution prepared by diluting 1 l of CYPER-VET in 200 l of water (500 ppm cypermethrin).


- Scabies and other ectoparasites: general bath – first fill the bath: 1 l CYPER-VET per 1000 l of water (100 ppm cypermethrin); Refilling the solution from bath: 1 l CYPER-VET per 800 l of water.

- Scabies (local treatment only in cold season): 1 l CYPER-VET per 200 l of water (500 ppm cypermethrin).

Cattle, sheep:

- Scabies: two treatments every 10 – 14 days.

- Other ectoparasites: the treatment can be repeated after 3-4 weeks, considering the infestation level.

Dogs: Treatment is performed by general spraying or local treatments (brushings):

– Ectoparasitosis caused by (ticks, lice and fleas): Sprayings 1 ml per 1 l of water, two applications every 7 days.

- Scabies (sarcoptic, demodectic): Local treatments (brushings)- 12.5 ml per 1 l water.

Repeat after 10 – 14 days.

If no health improvement is achieved, consult the veterinarian to reevaluate the diagnostic.



Sick, weak, exhausted, thirsty animals should not be treated. Avoid treatments in rainy weather. Avoid direct contact, both with concentrate product and with diluted solution. Do not administrate the product to animals with cutaneous injuries. For at least 30 minutes after the application the animals are nestled in a covered place to avoid inactivation of active substances. After treatment keep under observation dogs up to 4 weeks.

Use the solution within the preparation day. Animals should be completely immersed 1-3 times (including the head), and the bath should take at least 1 minute. If in 24 hours after the treatment strong rains occur, the operation can be repeated.

Rarely, somnolence can be noticed in one hour after the treatment. It can be used in gestation and lactation period. In case of overdose the following reactions might appear: abundant salivation, trembles and convulsions.

TOXICITY: Toxicity category – III.

ANTIDOTE: There is no known antidote. In case of intoxication a symptomatic treatment is applied, with anticonvulsive products such as diazepam. It should be administrated neither milk nor fats, since these can increase the absorption of Cypermethrin.

Cypermethrin is incompatible with alkaline substances and with strong oxidant agents.



Meat and organs: cattle, sheep- 3 days

Milk: 6 hours



At temperatures below 25°C; away from direct sunlight, heat and fire sources.

The concentrated product is flammable.



Phials of  100 ml and 1 l  external emulsifiable antiparasitic concentrate.