Alizin Alizine 10ml for dogs Aglepriston 30 mg

Alizin Alizine 10ml for dogs Aglepriston 30 mg - Pet Shop Luna


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For the treatment of canine misalliance

Aglepristone is a synthetic progesterone antagonist, effective on uterine progesterone receptors, with a relative binding affinity three times stronger than endogenous progesterone, providing effective competitive antagonism of progesterone and blocking the hormone responsible for implantation and pregnancy maintenance


Product Features & Benefits: 

  • High efficacy over a flexible treatment period from 0 to 45 days post-mating

  • Two doses 24 hours apart (timing is important in its success)

  • Given by subcutaneous injection, at 1ml / 3kg, using a maximum of 5ml per injection site

  • Excellent safety profile


Presentations Available: 

10ml vial